Skin Safe Products and Techniques


Airbrushed or Hand Painted

For the most temporary needs, water based make-up lasts several hours and washes right off with soap & water. This is the best choice for Face Art, Face Painting, Masks, and Body Art applications  where models will be in a controlled environment.



Temporary Tattoo to Full Body PAINT

Water & sweat-resistant for more durable, long-lasting results.  Perfect for dancers & active performers, and for guests at pool parties and beach events. We use this for our Underwater Artistry packages.
Remove with lotion, clarifying soap scrub, oil or rubbing alcohol. Wear it for the evening, or for several days!


temporary tattoo

Airbrush or Glitter

Airbrush Tattoos – Perfect for custom designs showcasing your logo, favorite sports team or personal favorite designs.  Great for theme parties!  Most typically applied with alcohol-based make up.  Test drive your Tattoo ideas!  Lasts 3 to 7 days.
Glitter Tattoos – Get that extra “bling” to make you dazzle. Cosmetic grade glitter and adhesive, applied in popular designs with vibrant colors, freehand or with stencils. Lasts 3 to 7 days and removes easily with oil or lotion. Who doesn’t love to sparkle


A super fun way to offer a completely different party favor. Colored hair spray in unique patterns looks amazing on all hair types! Two options: one is fast soap & water removal, the second is water resistant – great for pool and beach parties!


Mehndi (Mehendi/Mehandi) Design

This ancient form of decorating skin has had a resurgence over the last 2 decades.
Henna ingredients come from organic plant products. (NO TOXIC PPD BLACK HENNA!) Application takes 5 to 20 minutes and 30 minutes to dry. It is applied to the skin wet, left on a minimum of 5 hours. The paste is then removed to reveal the design. This brownish-orange stain lasts 1 to 3 weeks. After care products and info included to enhance design integrity.
**KEEP IN MIND: To achieve richest stain results, Henna preparation requires a minimum of 24 hours for freshly-made paste proper curing time. 48 hours advance booking is required.**

We also offer Henna-style temporary airbrush designs.  Perfect for younger guests and when there is insufficient time for the traditional Henna process.


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