Have you ever wanted to expand your creative side in an unlimited, but non-permanent way? Do you like cosplay, dress up, role-playing, costume parties, and love to explore adventurous, new ways to express yourself? Maybe you’re not quite ready to take the plunge in a public setting, but no worries – we are happy to come to you! Private appointments are a great way to ease into personal exploration without the risk of being in the public eye.
An exciting way to venture beyond the ordinary, Body Art expresses moods and deeper layers of your personality, and connects you to your alter-ego. Just imagine what it’s like to experience the freedom to let your creative desire run wild!

Portfolio Enhancement: Model, Photographer, Hair Stylist, Costume Designer
Personal Project: Test-Drive Tattoo Ideas, Baby Belly Painting, Animal Spirit Guides & Power Animals, Boudoir Photo Session
“Dreamscape” Masterpiece: Body Paint session and Photo Shoot Package
Underwater Dreamscape: Body Paint session and Underwater Photo shoot. Video optional.
Romantic Occasion: Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Tantric Adventure, Special Surprise for Him or Her.
Call us for a free, in-depth consultation.  We love hearing your ideas and welcome the opportunity to collaborate in the creative process. (619) 988-0900
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Marrla, Actress/Entertainer, Eugene, OR
My birthday fell on the day of the Summer Solstice.  I wanted to celebrate by gifting myself with a spectacular Fantasy Portrait.  When I became the Summer Solstice Goddess, I really BECAME her.  The experience of seeing yourself as another persona makes you feel transformed into that other aspect of yourself.  I loved getting painted!  All that attention to my body made me feel especially beautiful…like royalty.  Skin Tight’s photographer did a fantastic job capturing me at the beach so now I have amazing photos of my transformation!